Your Conversation with God

"I am that I am"

Your path to enlightenment

Does your life make you miserable?

We can have all the money, all the possessions and all the notoriety in the world and still be the most miserable person on earth. Why is this you might ask?

I am here to tell you that none of this matters unless you do not understand your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is an agreement you made with God for this lifetime. 

Your soul purpose can become distorted through your life choices, your ego and the temptations in your life.

Are you living a lie?

This does not mean you are lying to other people this is a reference to lying to your true inner-self. Lying to your inner-self could be anything from putting on a front to other people or pretending that you are enjoying life when you are not.

Are you really happy?

Does your happiness comes from within or are you pretending and feeding on others to make you happy?

Your conversation with God will repair the emotional damage that has occurred throughout your lifetime.

Repairing emotional damage requires divine spiritual intervention. This clears the way for spiritual enlightenment. 

This healing is a 2 or 3-day spiritual process that will take you on a spiritual and sometimes emotional journey. It starts with removing emotional damage that has occurred throughout your life. Together we will delve deep into your soul to remove you from the paradigm. I use spiritual cleansing techniques that encompass the whole of you. I clear your emotional demons, your emotional baggage, bloodline curses, love curses, financial curses, career curses, and hexes. I rediscover your soul!

Talking to God is a very powerful and unique experience. You must be spiritually ready to perform this otherwise your spiritual self will be compromised. All care is taken and preparation is mandatory. I leave no stone unturned to ensure you are spiritually aligned, which is the key to your God experience. I work with you one on one for the duration. I never fast track people for this experience as the spiritual repercussions can be very dangerous. You must be spiritually, physically and emotionally ready to experience this enlightenment process. Your conversation with God will change your life. This experience has been 20-years in the making.

Every person's experience is different. The conversation you have with God is individual to you. It touches your soul and is truly remarkable. It allows you to focus totally on you. You will receive the knowledge for your soul.

There is a screening process to ensure that your motives and intentions are pure and that you are willing to commit to the challenges that manifest. Your commitment and understanding are vital in this cleansing process, as it can be emotionally confronting and take you away from your comfort zone.


Please read our feedback lounge regarding people's experiences to understand how personalised this healing is.

"Character is greater than talent, genius, fame, money, friends - there is nothing to compare with it. A man may have all these and yet remain comparatively useless- be unhappy - and die a bankrupt in soul."

George Matthew Adams

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