What is a ghost?

A manifestation of negative energy

Most people who are interested in the paranormal believe GHOSTS are lost souls or souls that have not crossed over. This is false belief. God does not allow souls to be left earthbound.

The cost of following Jesus:-

Another of Jesus' disciple's said "Lord, let me return home to bury my father." Jesus replied, "Follow me now. Let the spiritually dead bury their own." Matthew 9:22. This quote from the bible tells us that once in spirit you are taken and cared for, not left to wander on the earth.

God leaves no souls EARTHBOUND after death.

There are 3 "TYPES" of "Ghosts."
1. Enlightened Souls

Family or friends who have "passed over" to the other side and are able to return as "Guardians" or "Messengers." Often they return during troubled times for family members. Remember these spirits returned "enlightened" and full of love and pose no threat.They often visit when you are in bed and will sit on your bed to comfort you. These spirits do not harm you

2. Juvenile Demons in Training

These Demons are learning their craft (usually under supervision from a higher ranking demon). They love to imitate the dead, especially your relations or deceased children. They can torment and disrupt your environment. Demons are attracted to people with addiction problems, family curses,unhealthy blood lines and certain parcels of land where a lot of emotion has taken place. They love to deprive you of sleep. These Juvenile demons pretend to be "ghosts", can use people as energy source , be the source of unknown rotten smells, cause certain rooms to be cold and cause plaques of rodents and insects

3. Footprints

Footprints are residual energies of past emotional events e.g. wars, battles, torture, murder, marches, parties, weddings, family gatherings, births etc. These scenes play out like a movie and go about their business oblivious to human presence. You cannot interact with these energies. You may experience footprints when visiting a haunted location. They can be heard, felt, smelt, tasted and seen; sometimes an apparition of a person who once lived or the event may even be caught on camera. But, I repeat you cannot interact with these events and they are certainly not intelligent. Some paranormal believers interpret this as stone tape theory where the belief is that natural building material such as brick, stone, limestone, granite, iron oxide, quartz, and silica have the capability to harness and absorb energies and emotions from the living.

My experience has convinced me that souls DO NOT remain earthbound.

People refer to these souls as "Ghosts" and are frequently described, as dead people staying on Earth to haunt locations or they are 'lost" souls not knowing they are dead, or souls staying to complete unfinished business. This is untrue.

If a death occurs in a house the emotion of that death is stored in the land allowing for a portal to open, which allows dark entities to use and come and go as they please. To understand this further please purchase my book through Amazon and it will explain the paranormal in detail.

Once a soul leaves the physical body it moves on in preparation for the next incarnation. Jesus once remarked to a man who was debating on whether to bury his father (Luke 9:60) ” To me this interprets, as let the dead take his soul to where it needs to go.

Death is that of the physical body not of the spiritual body. It is ego and selfishness that drives the belief of ghosts.


Demons and entities are full of deceit and trickery. They have a huge negative impact on your environment.

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Simon Down is a world-renowned ghost remover with over 20-years experience of helping thousands of people all over the globe. Simon has the unique ability to be able to clear negative energies using the power of prayer. He is a serenity vibration healer and uses divine energies to realign your physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Having worked in the paranormal industry for a long time, Simon can remove ghosts and curses from land, people and houses.

Simon will always encourage clients to look within themselves to find the root causes of the haunting, possession or attachment, and he will remove your spiritual being from the old paradigm.

Simon has written two books, appeared on local Australian television, National Australian television, as well as nationwide UK publications and continues to assist people with their paranormal hauntings all over the world.

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