Hi Simon, 

Just an update for you which will shock the socks off you I am sure. 

I am fine, the house is fine and calm. All great and its thanks to you. I pray every night and sometimes louder than others normally I am here alone so its a big command for the eveil to get out. 

God is good and now I am at peace with myself and all around me. 

I have become a Minister yep me, can you credit that? bet ya, no. Well I am not in the business of helping others and putting them in touch with God. No not into cult or such like I intend to do sick visits and seek out people that wish a clergy visit.  Dog collar and all. 

I want to Testify to your assistance and your help in turning me around and from Evil to good. 

Please use it anyhow you wish. If you want to put my name to it you may.


I Victoria was in a bad dark place. I had sleepless nights and horrendous days of being tormented with Evil. I had just moved house to a new country and it was not long before things started to go wrong with the house and my health. 

I lived alone all week as my Husband works in another country. 

I put things down to Murphys Law if it can go wrong then it will. Not so. 

Boiler went down, possibly a fault but found it not to be. The house went very cold, winter time. The open fire was throwing out the wood onto the carpet for no reason and this was now too dangerous to use. Fireside tool being bashed against the ground terrifying me.

Each night I went upstairs to bed, the strong smell of perfume, pipe smoke, and flowers would be there by my bedside. I was awakened at 1am to the strong smell of Pipe Smoke. This was not right and I did not know anyone belonging to this house.

Day time the strong smell of cooking would be in the laundry room next to the integral garage. This room was used for cooking in the hot summer months I was to be told later on.  

I started to blame all this on the Lady who lived in the house and died here not so old from Cancer. I found out where her grave was and went there to speak to her. Brought her flowers and went a few times. 

Things did not change in the house. A couple of quiet nights to confirm it was indeed the Lady of the house who was tormenting me. 

I investigated further  contacted the family for a photographs of the Lady and got one put it in a frame on the hall sideboard, which it still stands on today. 

No that did not work for long a few days grace and things began again the same old, horrible noises at night, strong smells of all sorts. 

I was so sure now I had Ghosts and why could I not stop this. I tried to get a Priest now that was a task they are not around well not that many and they don't want to know of your Ghosts if you have any. 

My husband did get the cooking smells and he knew something terribly wrong in the house but he got so tired and fed up of it all seeing me so pale and ill all the time. He told me that's enough he did not want to hear anymore of it, he was tired of listening to it. 

I wanted to run away from the house the country and just get into my car at 3am and drive. Rationality did not come into my mind, I could not think straight. Drive yes where to? then what? I would have to come back. 

I was at the end of my rope and if I had a rope I did wonder if I could kill myself, but then my Dog would stop me doing that. I love my Dog and he depends on me. I could not do it to him. I had to do something and soon. 

This was driving me out of my mind, my home and wrecking my life. 

I posted this on a forum in France and told the tale of the Ghost and what they were getting up to. Some came back with how to rid the house of them and this burning of sage etc., I got the sage and did not burn it not yet and dont now feel the need to do so. 

The Banshee never heard her in my life but heard of her and her whaling and the cry so bad that no one could describe it. Now I can, she came at 3am and the hair now standing on my arms as I speak of it. She cried so hard it was dreadful I was totally in fear, my legs the life went out of them.  That cry lasted for a good 15 minutes or more, not sure as I could not move and amazing the Dog did not hear it or bother he was snoring away. It was only when the cry stopped that I thought why the dog did not bother?

One Lady from Iceland came with a private message to me telling me to contact Simon Down, I sent him a mail and told him I had Ghosts. 

He arranged to speak to me on Skype and we did, it turned out to be Evil oh yes. Evil and it was me that was bringing it on myself. I thought I was an ok sort of person, good natured and helpful to all. I had one major failing, and only 1, it was enough to give the Evil a chance to ruin my life. 

Forgiveness! me forgive! yeah sure not ever if I say I wont forgive them for doing me wrong that is it. I had them piled up in my heart and soul so much unforgiveness it was now manifesting in Evil. I opened the doors for them to come in and wreck all and sundry. 

Simon could see I was suffering and he was so right. How this could become Evil is not something I could understand. I had hate even though I just despised the people from the past, hatred for them and unforrgiveness for the wrongs they did to me was eating me away inside. 

Simon prayed for me and the Evil hid the bible on the day he was to speak to me, it was there and then it was gone. In fact months later no sign of it as yet. 

I bought a new one. 

I listened to Simon and thought to myself what a task he has set me. Forgive those who did me wrong. Forgive them! jeez how on earth was I goign to do that. I had so much difficulty in even thinking of forgiving them to actually do it. 

I thought about this for well over a week, forgiving them. Write them all down on paper and I did, I thought hard of what they did to me in the past. How could they? it took me a couple more weeks to get them all written down on paper and I took it out on the patio in the ash tray from the wood burner and set the papers alight. I said I forgive them Lord, I hand them over to you now to deal with them. 

Simon gave me the name of a piece of Music Dr. Wayne Dyer I AM and its now played daily in my home. At first its hard to listen to but then you get use to it. 

Simon also gave me a prayer against Evil and I started praying this every single day no matter what time of the day but I had not gone to bed since without making sure I do my prayer against Evil. 

I command Evil now to get out of my home and life. 

I have now become a Minister and I have fresh belief in God and know that God is Good, and I now speak to God as someone that hears me, loves me and wants me to enjoy and have a good life. 

Thanks to Simon, and I will never forget you. 

God Bless you and your family always. 

Dear Simon

’ve worked through your second book. Wow, it was truly brilliant and changed my life. I’m back in the hands of my faith and reunited with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit as I was when I was younger. I’d lost my connection to God after what the staff at Good Shepherd had done to me and being getting caught up in the new age garbage - I totally lost my way and was constantly under attack from demonic entities. Well, I’m pleased to say I’ve found him again, I feel like I’ve been reborn. I’ve no addictions, resentment, ego nor grievances. I trust in God again, pray daily just like I used to and no longer feel vulnerable to the darkness nor alone. The Archangels have been hard at work and so has Mother Mary. You saved my life, literally. I was drinking, taking pills, angry, resentful, full of ego and lost. I’ve lost the 20kg I had gained. I still smoke 6 ciggies a day but cutting them slowly down to none. My, I was a prime target and magnet for demons although not any more!! I had no idea until I read your books.

I’ve talked a lot about religion to my mum, who’s very religious as were her parents my best friends, my Greek Cypriot Greek Orthodox Grandfather and my Roman Catholic Egyptian grandmother. I told her my journey. All my crystals are in a cabinet, all my new age crap is cleared from my home. I chanted your prayers and a you tube cleansing you made often. My grandma came to me in my sleep for the first time in 10 years, she had an Angel on a necklace spinning it before me and telling me things but it was in another language as she spoke 8. The Angel was carved from some sort of white stone and as it spun, its crafted wooden wings spun. I wish I knew what she was saying but the dream will never leave me, I’d realised she’d never come as I wasn’t on the right frequency until now.

I’m now back with my ex of 12 years, I LOVE being back in the arms of my faith. My nightmares stopped after 3 years of terror. I’ve had a few things happen during the struggle to release the dark entities that attached to me (eg. a picture in a vintage shop that I’d felt sick in and had to leave telling the owner the shop was full of dark energies, flew off the wall with such force it took the paint and part of the wall it was affixed to with it). She said she’d had the shop cleansed : I said it isn’t clean. She was in shock as a picture flew and crashed to the floor which she had to move so I could leave the shop as it was across the bottom step to the exit. Had some horrific fights in my sleep that rattled me during my fight for my faith but I’m no longer fearful. Once I’m mentally strong again, I too shall help in the quest of removing dark entities, so they can be crushed under the heels of Jesus Christ and Mary. My boyfriend and a few others have commented on my home. They said they love the feeling here and somethings changed. I’d not gone into why. I now hang out with an ex best friend when I was 6 yo who I ran into and who lives a very religious existence, trusting in the Lord. She never used too but 18 years ago, she was baptised again but full immersion. She is my besty again and we spend many hours talking about our faith and love of Jesus etc. and enjoying our blessed lives. I’ve broken free from all forms of social media and new age rubbish.

So thank you Simon, you’ve been my Shepherd - guiding me away from the darkness back to the golden light.

I trust you and your family are well. I’d love to hear how you are all going, what’s transpired in your life and that of your beautiful families life. I will review your book in Amazon shortly. I’m about to read the Bible now I’ve finished your book. I’m aware this is all about me which I apologise for but I was so excited to share with you what you’ve done for me by sharing your knowledge, faith and who you are.

Sydney, Australia
Hi there Simon,

Great to hear from you and fantastic news that the book is up and going. I hope it does really well. I have lodged my order and will probably get a few more copies for family members who are into the work you are doing.
Healthwise, things have been really good. Having the ‘bloodlines’ cleaned made so much difference I couldn’t tell people enough about it. I just seemed to have been rid of all the ‘old stuff’ that I still see my relatives carry around with them. It’s great to be able to stand back and not be a part of that toxic energy. I really noticed a huge difference. The fibromyalgia also hasn’t returned either especially not in the degree it was when you came to Pyrmont. I’ve had a few twinges here and there but when you remember that I really couldn’t get out of bed on some mornings, there was a huge difference. For once I wasn’t laboured with pain and I can’t thank you enough. I did also give up eating all grains (wheat, rice, oats, barley, pasta - you name it) on December 9 last year and that has also made a huge difference also.
In October last year I left Pyrmont and moved over to Maroubra which is really lovely. I can see the beach and get there most days to walk and meditate. I really felt that Pyrmont was pretty toxic with all the industrial chemicals (and Im super sensitive to that sort of stuff), so we decided to get near the coast. During the first few months I had a swathe of ‘spirit’ people following me around, both in my unit and up the hallway. Walking through the lounge when I was cooking, darting here and there but I have always kept the prayer you gave me and I just protect myself with that. Most often they follow me up the hall (or hop in the lift) and want to come in so I have to say aloud rather firmly, “No, you’re not coming in here today, you need to go back to where you’ve come from”, and they most often do. A couple have been ‘dark’ but most just seem to want to follow me.

Kind regards,


Undisclosed location
We live on old land and over the years we have experienced paranormal activity that seems to have come and gone. It was more prevalent when the children were living here, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that the paranormal activity picked up again. Over the recent days I kept hearing the floorboards creak outside our bedroom. I would occasionally hear someone coming down the stairs. There was no one else in here but us. Then one night my husband and I were sleeping in our room and our bedroom door was left partially open. The door is hard to push, because the carpet is so thick. All of a sudden we heard the door being pushed open. My husband got up to see what was going on, but there was no one there. That was it for me. We contacted The Ghost Remover and he came out straight away to clear whatever was here. His wife filmed the clearing and she managed to pick up a dark shadow that moved on the door. I couldn't believe this was happening in my home. I have always had an open mind, but when it actually happens to you it's hard to comprehend. The ghost remover also did a healing on my husband and I. He explained everything and was very thorough. Since then we have had no problems. The house feels very angelic :-)


Settlement Point NSW, Australia
A close friend came to me recently and told me she had been seeing a dark shadow following me around. I too had my suspicions tho I did not know what I should do about it.I went to my local spiritual store and asked if they knew anyone that could help.I was given the ghost removers card to my delight and I called him straight away.From even just a short phone conversation he had already tapped into my situation at the time and I immediately felt at ease.I had G.R.A. visit me at my home where he performed a quiet ceremony to cleanse the space, burning a little sage throughout.I expressed to him the extra activity I had been seeing around me lately. The ghost remover did in fact confirm there were actually two spirits whom had attached themselves to me.It came as no surprise to me and would explain my extreme fatigue.G.R.A performed a small ceremony for me to remove the attachments as I sat on my chair, then commenced healing on my chakra's. I felt a noticeable boost of energy and lightness about me afterwards. I couldn't have done this without G.R.A expertise & knowledge and would like to thank him for his genuine work....After a follow up massage and healing, honestly, I have never felt more clear minded and balanced. I have have recommended G.R.A to all my friends and family.....A true healer!



Undisclosed Location
My Story...

My husband and I bought a lovely house (10 years old ) in a lovely little estate. We had our two teenage daughters as well. The house was cosy and was a great reward after 18 years of working hard. The first three months in the house were great, but then my world turned upside down. My husband and I constantly argued (this had never happened in our marriage) and we ended up splitting up. My daughters went feral taking drugs, sneaking out of the house, drinking, physically attacking me and suicide attempts. I was physically attacked by a Patron at Work, which left me with injuries requiring surgery. Whilst in the hospital under anaesthetic the hospital bed collapsed and I awoke in excruciating pain two discs in my lower back had been damaged. I constantly saw shadows in the house and any relationship I started ended abruptly usually in violence. I was definitely at a very low point in my life. I prayed to God to the Angels and to Spirit to help me. This would help for a while then the shadows would return. I was constantly in pain, tired and anxious.
I researched the house we moved into. The house was started by a owner/builder, he got halfway through building it and he and his wife split. 12 months later he sold the half built house to another builder who finished it and moved in, yep you guessed it, 6 months later they separated. That's when I bought the place. I found once people moved out of the house they were fine, but in the house their personalities changed especially Males. I wanted to be free of this negative energy. I went to a local Spiritual shop and was given the ghost removers name and number. He was prompt, helpful and turned my life from darkness to light. He cleansed my house, removed all spirits and removed the negative energy he said was attached to the land. My house is now full of light. My spirit guides are constantly around me, protecting me. I feel them and encourage there presence. Simon was totally professional and just amazing.

Thank you

The Flying People. Western Australia
About a year ago our son (now six) started talking about flying people in the lounge room and would not go into the room by himself. On top of that if he was in the house by himself he would lock himself into the kitchen or his bedroom. When asked about the flying people he would tell us that he was just pretending. If my wife or I needed to go outside of the house while he was home, we could hear him run to the door between the lounge and kitchen and shut it. Even tho he would tell us he was pretending, I was concerned that he was telling us that just to cover up his fear. We have lived in our home for 17 years over that period we have had one bedroom in the house that has always had an uncomfortable feel and was always colder than the rest of the house. Even in summer the room was creepily cold. About seven years ago we had a friend stay with us for a couple of days, after the first night in our spare room our friend told us over breakfast that the old owners where still occupying the house. Me being me, told her she was a tree-hugging hippy. I become concerned about our sons flying people, remembering what our friend had told us. I started to look up ways to remove spirits from our home. That is when I come across the ghost removers phone number.
The ghost remover walked into our lounge room and told us that we had spirits in there. After looking around the house he went into our spare room, I saw his shoulders shudder, and heard him tell someone to leave the room. My wife and I started to walk out, when he smiled and told us that he was not talking to us, and invited the pair of us to come in closer and feel a very cold area in the centre of the room. I had never noticed before but there was a real temperature difference in the centre of the room. Our son is very shy with strangers, but the moment he met the ghost remover he was comfortable around him. That was the first thing that amazed me about our meeting. He spent almost two hours in our home, burning sage and explaining what he was doing and why. That night when I got home from work, I found my son sitting in the lounge room with the lights off, the door between the kitchen and lounge open. When I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was playing with his DS in the lounge, and that he could no longer see the flying people. I cannot explain how wonderful it is. Our child no longer feels scared of our house; he does not need to hide behind our legs if the lounge room lights are off.

Thank you

Victoria Australia
Just a note about our situation. We've had ghosts in our house for a while now my daughter is having terrible nightmares. I have feelings of depression. I don't sleep well. We've had white orb lights move around the rooms with terrible energy / uneasy feeling. The last straw was the gas hot plate burner turning on by its self. These ghosts are becoming dangerous and a threat. Please help.
Good Afternoon, I just wanted to let you know everything is going along nicely here at the moment. We will be getting another call off the ghost remover tonight, he is just wonderful to talk to and everything he talks about is very easy to understand. Will keep you guys posted and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOU HELP!!!!!!
Another update: we were in bed BEFORE 9:30 and asleep not long after. I was so tired. I have not been able to go to bed and sleep like that for months and months AND months...
I was always laying there for hours and hours until midnight or later and it would be very difficult for me to wake up in the morning and would feel exhausted right from when I would woke up, but this morning I am full of beans IT'S TERRIFIC!!!!!
Everything has been wonderful including our cats. The girls have been great. No sleep disturbances "no visions, no nightmares, banging/knocking on their walls, nothing" it was great timing as last week and this week both have been doing exams... :) I am still burning incense daily and doing protection for us all and am playing relaxation music daily as well.

Port Macquarie NSW
My partner and I moved into a lovely modern house in an estate in Port Macquarie that unknown to us at the time was built on an old abattoir As months went by the energy in the house changed the kids moods were erratic, my daughter would wake up with sweats and yelling "go away" it was as if something was physically attacking her as well as in her dream. I started to hear voices that were threatening me and my daughter. I filmed masses of orbs in my bedroom and I felt vulnerable, moody and petrified. Even the cat was going schizo at stuff it could see that we couldn't. Something had to be done. I found out about the ghost remover through our local spiritual store. He arrived that afternoon with his box of stuff. In A nutshell he cleared the ghosts (he said there were two). The ghost remover cleansed and protected the yard, house and property. He healed my aura and reprogrammed me to accept relationship issues. He left us with loving energy through the house. I highly recommend the services of the ghost remover.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Port Macquarie 2444
My name is Graham, I am a builder. I buy old properties, renovate them and sell them. I travel all around Australia and can be away at months at a time. I have always used a Feng Shui consultant to cleanse and position furniture etc prior to selling houses and found this to be very successful in balancing energies or whatever it does. All I know is that when I get this done the property sells. I purchased three old units on a block interstate and renovated one, moved into it whilst I completed the other two, but at night I was awakened at the same time 2:22 am with loud banging on the wall somewhere and was hearing footsteps. My dreams were erratic, nightmares, drug-taking (something I just don't do). It was evil darkness. I started to feel a "presence" around during the day like someone was following me and watching me all the time. I just put this down to being homesick and missing my wife. One day whilst moving gravel with the mini Track digger (like a mini bobcat, but you stand on it at the back) I was pushed off it, very violently. I fell on the ground and could hardly move. My back was in agony. I distinctly felt two hands push me . I knew something had to be done. There were obviously ghosts on the property that didn't like me. I found The Ghost Remover through his website. I think I Googled removing ghosts in Australia. I rang, he talked the lingo and knew exactly what I was going through and I organised for him to travel to see me. The nights didn't get any better and I was having negative thoughts during the day like I could hear voices. I really thought I was going nuts. I could also smell "death" in one of the newly renovated rooms, with no explanation. The ghost remover arrived with his box of goodies. He told me to continue working whilst he tuned in and did his thing. About an hour later he finished and explained the following. There were two ghosts a little girl and a older male. There were witchcraft symbols everywhere in one of the rooms (unseen by naked eye) which are like a invitation for dark entities he said (this was later confirmed by a neighbour who said the two guys who lived in that unit sold drugs, practised witchcraft and played very loud heavy metal music.) There was once a dead body buried under one of the units, but was now gone (this turned out to be under the room where I had experienced the death smell). The ghost remover explained he had sealed and cleaned the witchcraft symbols, rooms and unit , removed the ghosts to greener pastures, cleansed the land and building, removed all ghost residue. The place looked so much brighter, literally full of light. No smells, no uncomfortable feelings and I slept like a baby every night afterwards. Its now been three months and I sold all the units and never had any problems after his visit .

I highly recommend him for this type of work.

Graham D

Guildford, Sydney
Dear The Ghost Remover
I sought to call you to remove an unwanted guest in our house. Just to give you some background, both my wife and I knew that someone was living with us and we weren’t too bothered. We knew because we could hear footsteps in the next room and knew that no one else could be making them. We talked about it and then didn’t worry too much about it. However, after seeing an article in a magazine I found on the train (it was a magazine I’ve never read before), I decided that perhaps our visitor was disrupting my son’s sleep. I also knew my wife had some low energy which she has had since we met. My son had previously told me about the people in his room, and we weren’t sure if it was real or not. He also told us about a little boy that came to visit regularly and a man and a woman. The most interesting thing we noticed was that when he was very young he saw a dog near the garage. We couldn’t see the dog, and thought he was playing with his invisible friends. We later noticed a dogs footprint in the concrete driveway and that the previous owners of the house had owned a dog. After the ghost remover arrived he managed to clear three spirits – one being a little boy, an older woman and an older man from the 1940’s. He also cleaned the backyard and found where the dog was buried. We didn’t tell him about the dog until after he told us what he found and cleaned. Our street had also suffered from several car accidents and I asked the ghost remover if possible to give it a clean as well. He noticed that there had been gangster activity as well a gun fight. This had also happened earlier this year. The ghost remover performed some cleaning on my wife and found several things that were not meant to be there. As a result during the cleaning, my wife felt a choking presence on her chest get stronger and then finally leave, feeling much brighter and lighter. I could also sense this as well. As a result of the cleaning, our house feels more vibrant and most importantly the unwanted guests have gone and we can move on with the rest of our lives.


Please give the ghost remover a hug from me, and a very big heartfelt thank you.
Last night, after the clearing, I felt relaxed and at ease..... I can't remember the last time I felt that! I am more used to being angry or stressed all of the time.

I actually slept through my hubby getting up for work!!! That NEVER happens.

It was interesting he said there were four spirits....I cannot help but wonder if my sister,brother,&father were part of that??....then I think no, they were not, because only dark/negative energy......not sure....still feeling overwhelmed....

A very big thank you...

If I need your help, I know where to find you.


I have always believed in ghosts, psychics and anything really to do with the paranormal world. Your site popped up as an interest in my news feed on my Facebook account and I instantly pressed the "like" button. I have since followed your posts.
One post, in particular, caught my eye last week in regards to "hexes and curses". I have always believed these things to be true but at no point would I ever ever have imagined that such a thing would or could have been put onto myself or my family.
After discussing such a possibility with my husband we both agreed that we would contact you guys to talk about how we should go about the removal of a hex or curse.
I am more than pleased and excited to let you all know that since the curse release my family and I have experienced many physical and emotional positive changes.
While being on the phone with the ghost remover my husband had a potential buyer looking at his car that he had been trying to sell for over four weeks. Once I had gotten off the phone I had explained to my husband that I had felt better already. He said to me "I think this is working sooner than expected, that guy will be back tomorrow to put a $100 deposit on the car." Today he paid the final amount and to our delight the car is gone.
My three youngest daughters aged 6, 4 & 2 suffer from night terrors. Since the curse release not one of my babies have had a night terror and they have all been sleeping in for over one and a half hours more than their usual waking time in the morning.
As a mother of five children, I do like to teach my kids right from wrong and the laws of karma and to be respectful and mindful of not only themselves but to everybody that crosses their path.
Many many unfortunate events have happened throughout my lifetime that now at the age of 38 I believed that it was my "destiny" and to just "deal with it". I told myself that I must have been a terrible person in my past life/s to have such a wave upon wave of nasty and negative things happen.
Thanks to you. My life has taken a super positive turn for the better. Only six days have passed since our curse release and I and my family look forward to the rest of our lives feeling better than ever before.
I understand that many people have a really hard time getting their heads around the truth behind paranormal activities as such. But I can attest through my own experiences that such realities happen and are true and real and are at no certain point to be taken lightly.
Again, Thank you. It may be early days but the changes are amazing. I will keep you all updated on our future endeavours.

K H, Sunshine Coast


Hi the ghost remover,
I had a problem with some kind of spirit that would walk up and down the hallway to start with. One morning when I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out I saw him walk past. He started harassing me when I slept. One morning around 5am he pined me to bed and just held me down. Then about a month later about the same time of the morning I was laying on my side and I felt him lay next to me and rap his arms around me, then I felt his hips start thrusting and my whole body was being moved.
That was to much for me to handle so I found out about the ghost remover and contacted him straight away. I haven't had these things happen since. I'm very pleased to feel safer when I go to bed at night.
Thank You so much for your help.


To say that 2013 was a bad year for my family would be an understatement. 2013 was quite possibly the darkest year my family has ever seen. Not only did it seem like Murphy's law had completely taken hold of our lives, because, and I don't exaggerate, everything that could have gone wrong was going wrong and all at once, but there was this gloom over our house. Like a perpetual dark cloud looming over our heads with no end in sight, no solution to our growing list of problems and financial difficulties, and absolutely no one that could help us. Helpless doesn't properly describe what we were feeling. I'd need a word with far more desolation and sadness attached. But we had each other, and we used that to keep ourselves sane. When our darkness was at it's worst, I would see things on a nightly basis. Mists, pitch-black figures disappearing almost as quickly as they appeared, and always the feeling of being watched; stalked even. It was becoming more than unnerving and bothersome. It became downright scary, and I began to dread the night. We all did. Until we were contacted by the Ghost Remover. For the first time in almost a year, we had hope. We had answers. We finally knew that everything we were going through could be undone. He was a stranger, yet still he insisted on helping us from so far away, even when we had nothing to give him in return but our everlasting gratitude. He gave us the strength and the ammunition we needed to fight the darkness that was trying so desperately to take control over our house; over us. He acted as a guide through our time of need, and did all he could to help us, including giving us prayers to use against whatever evil invaded our home. My family and I are so relieved and so incredibly happy to say our home and our lives have never been so joyous. Nothing further haunts the walls of our home, and our problems have ceased. 2014 is sure to be a far, far better year for us. And it's all thanks to the sheer kindness and goodwill of a man who saw a family who needed help; The Ghost Remover.

How to remove a Ghost Book.jpeg

About Simon Down

Simon Down is a world-renowned ghost remover with over 20-years experience of helping thousands of people all over the globe. Simon has the unique ability to be able to clear negative energies using the power of prayer. He is a serenity vibration healer and uses divine energies to realign your physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Having worked in the paranormal industry for a long time, Simon can remove ghosts and curses from land, people and houses.

Simon will always encourage clients to look within themselves to find the root causes of the haunting, possession or attachment, and he will remove your spiritual being from the old paradigm.

Simon has written two books, appeared on local Australian television, National Australian television, as well as nationwide UK publications and continues to assist people with their paranormal hauntings all over the world.