Signs you have a ghost in your house

Get rid of bad spirits in your house

When I am contacted by my clients, I am frequently told, "I have a ghost in my house." I always say that, if this is something you are conscious of, then you most likely are living with a ghost in your house. 

I can get rid of bad spirits in your house remotely, which means the intervention of the clearing happens on the spiritual plane without me being there, or I can visit your house to perform a clearing in person (this is dependent on where you are living).

Before I get involved in getting rid of bad spirits from your house, we will go through a checklist similar to the one below. 

From my 20-years of working in the paranormal field, these are the signs that you have a ghost in your house.

Are you of faith?

Do you see things move in your peripheral vision but blame something else?

Do you live on haunted land?

Did someone die in your house?

Does someone in your house have an addiction problem?

Has there been a seance in your house?

Have you had a reiki healing?

Do you think you're cursed?

Do you have crystals or New Age paraphernalia in your house?

Are you a paranormal enthusiast?

Do you watch a lot of paranormal television?

Is there a room at home that you feel uncomfortable in?

Do you feel you're being watched or someone is standing behind you?

Do you feel cold spots in the room?

Disgusting smells (urine, pooh, sulfur)


Disturbed sleep

Ghostly smells

Seeing a shadow person

Are lights dimming?

Do the TV volume/channels change?

Batteries drain?

Computer crash?

Clocks stop or randomly chime?

Hear your name whispered?

Unexplained shadows?

Unexplained music (daytime)?

Unexplained banging and noises (night)

Items moving across the room?

Constant setbacks during renovation?

Property won't sell?

Orbs in photographs

The Ghost Remover on YouTube

Signs you have a ghost in your house

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