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Updated: Feb 13

Your connection to God is individual and personal.

Satanic Elite, Satan Worshippers and Demons have infiltrated most Governments on the planet,it runs very deep into society, trust noone, trust no government and especially Do Not Trust the Media And Social Media. Protect your children from false prophets, there are too many false prophets on social media , You Tube and alike, monitor what your children are doing on line!

I believe we are in controlled revelations, this is Gods story, there is more bad than good on the planet and God is going to act, God has purged the planet before and will do it again. Are you spiritually ready for this? We are all Gods children, God gave us free will, that is the difference between good and evil. Use your free will wisely! We are all interconnected , through nature, through bloodlines and through spiritual practice.

*Confess ( tell God you have sinned and made mistakes)

*Repent ( promise not to repeat those sins/mistakes)

*Forgive ( forgive those that have damaged and hurt you in your life)

Forgiveness is the Key to your connection to God

Mycelium connects all the trees together, Meditation connects you to God and beyond, Love connects all of us.

Dream Believe Create Succeed


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