The Trickery and Deceit of Reiki

Reiki is full of trickery and deceit. There are many layers to the reiki lie. Firstly the introduction to the potential therapist. The potential therapist is fed lies of amazing energy, healing prowess, connection to all things universal, spiritual guidance and abundance of income and wealth. Lies Lies and Lies

Once those reiki symbols are placed into your chakra's , you become a beacon for reiki demons. Each symbol has a legion of demons connected to it and one is hand selected to accompany the person attuned to reiki. That demon is not yet attached to the therapist but starts to prey and eventually sabotage that persons lives.

Firstly, reiki treatments and results seem to be miraculous but that is all part of the trickery, to pull the practitioner in and build the case of lies. Slowly the persons life is sabotaged around them, addiction, nightmares, bad luck, deceit and the diabolical evil eye. Once that reiki demon has its claws in you the darkness takes over.

The practitioner is constantly reminded by their mentor that there is nothing to fear and everything will be fine. More lies!

The practitioner then inadvertently starts to pass that dark energy onto clients which then sabotages their lives. Many reiki therapists have affairs with their clients, nothing divine in that! just lustful addiction feeding the sinful demon attached to the therapist.

Reiki is demonic, reiki is evil, reiki comes from the darkest of places. If you have been attuned to reiki or have you have had a reiki session with a practitioner, you will require cleansing and disconnection from the energy and symbols.

I have assisted 1000s of people to remove this energy. Please contact me for assistance.

God Bless

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