The darkness on our planet

What if Satan is here on earth, disguised as one of us. ? What if the creation of the One World Government (NWO) has already happened. The relentless push by the NWO to brainwash people through mainstream media into believing there is a killer virus and the only way to save everyone is through Bill Gates Of Hell Mrna experimental gene therapy, which is actually a drug not a vaccination under the true medical definition of a vaccine. This drug alters DNA, it doesn't stimulate the immune system into isolating the "virus" and killing it. Do you not see there is no virus, its just a flu that is part of the NWO fear campaign and it is relentless.

If you stop watching TV, reading the newspapers and listening to the radio news, if you cancel and step away from all social media THERE IS NO VIRUS!

I have done all of these things and my new paradigm and timeline is the best its ever been.

In march 2020 when news of this virus lie started I told all my family it is about the "vaccine" not about anything else, how right I was.

Check out Event 201 from October 2019

and now Gates of Hell is denying it ever took place

I often pray to God and ask when is all this corruption and darkness coming to an end? Are you going to flood the planet like you did when the Nephilim were earth bound, raping, killing and corrupting mankind? Who is the next Noah?

God tells me for corrupt systems to be broken down they must run their course, they must be exposed. We must be patient and allow these corrupt timelines to play their part in the next chapter of God's planet. I'm just sitting back in my deck chair, feet up with a cup of herbal tea waiting for the news that its been exposed.

The satanic elite, the corrupt governments, the fake news main stream media, google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will all be exposed as the perpetrators of the biggest lie ever undertaken against man kind. There is always a paper trail and a digital footprint of communication. When the lie is so big and there are so many moving parts, there are areas that will stall and cracks will begin to appear.

The fear is real and the brainwashed sheep are moving along in accordance to government direction. Choose your own timeline, choose between your current paradigm or a brand new paradigm. We are all on different timelines that can overlap. You are the one who decides.

All your answers come from within

God Bless You

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