Paranormal Malingering

Assisting people with paranormal issues like hauntings, possession, ghost attachment, dark entities, problems when renovating, love curses, financial curses, health curses, and bloodline curses, is very rewarding from a spiritual point of view but can be challenging when confronted with malingering. Malingering is a fabrication of symptoms, in this case, paranormal symptoms. It is often caused by attention-seeking behaviour. I’ve encountered this many a time, particularly from teenagers who are frustrated with family life or school life, experiencing pressure from peers but try to or are trying be noticed or centre of attention. This also happens through social media, people who are exhibitionists. Posting blurry photos of dust (orbs), so-called ghost in my room or fake video of doors opening and closing. These people watch too much Ghost Adventures and other paranormal TV. If you look at a blurry photo long enough you will start to see what you think is there, it’s called pareidolia.

These people are time wasters, fakers and malingerers. These malingerers usually have the following missing in their lives; love, a complete family life, self-worth, friends or hobbies. Addiction to something is usually occurring, food, porn, sex, alcohol or drugs. When contacted by these people it's very hard to ascertain whether they are genuinely troubled by the paranormal. I ask a series of questions then usually a visit to their house if local or a phone call if overseas. Once the casting, prayer, and healing takes place I then have a better picture of where this person is mentally, physically and spiritually. If I see they are malingering I step away and encourage them to look deep into themselves as that’s where the answers are. Your intuition and programming from God, the answers are there, sit quietly, silently and listen.  

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