Fear, Paranormal Fear

I have been assisting a 20-year-old male who goes through spiritual enlightenment and what he calls the “death of the ego”. It’s been very interesting to observe from a mentor and teacher perspective. This journey began when he had been dabbling and experimenting with hallucinogens and psychedelic drugs. It all started off as fun with “good” experiences through conversations and music but they were preyed upon by demons. His drug use started with his friends as a late-night high of convenience that spiraled into dependence. Demons also infiltrated this group and caused significant damage to friendships, beliefs, and perceptions. Then it became dangerous.

Firstly, removing the drugs was the first piece of advice.

Secondly, I performed casting, clearing, and psychic shielding. He had a very dark attachment that was removed very quickly. He felt it go, like an old friend. He looked brighter and lighter, he said he felt physically different, happier and not angry. I warned him that when I perform these healings, changes happen immediately. His spiritual frequency had changed and was a lot higher, he would lose old friends and new people would come into his life that resonated at the same frequency. Remember like attracts like.

Over the next few weeks, he became more focused on work and life. He read my book. He started to notice the darkness in his house, around his friends and picked up on negativity around strangers. This was challenging but a lesson. The residue demons were still challenging him in the share house, he fought back with prayer and casting but was touched by pure evil. I stepped in to assist again but he was now marked. Demons were coming and going whilst he slept or whilst he meditated. He was full of fear. Sleepless nights or sleeping with the light on were now normal, he was focusing on the dark energies and constantly asking for advice and assistance. Fear was now the enemy. I kept remotely viewing his room whilst he slept. He was surrounded by angels and divine light. He had nothing to fear.

How to remove fear

Fear is an emotion that can be cast out. “In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I command fear to leave my body, I cast out fear in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ”

I instructed him to stop jumping at shadows, stop looking for the dark energies and focus on love. Pour love into situations. This has worked as he now is full of love for his family, partner, and friends, he still has a way to go but don’t we all.

When fear comes knocking you need to answer it with faith and love. Nothing else works. The mark of fear can only be removed by the focus changing to love, filling the void as I refer to it. Love is the most powerful (and wonderful) emotion of all. It will always triumph over darkness.

My book is called “How To Remove A Ghost’ and is available at Amazon.


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