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Ghost Removal | Curse Release | Reiki Removal

Simon Down offers a range of spiritual healing services to help guide you on your path to God. Through the power of prayer Simon can get rid of ghosts in your house, get rid of a curse and undo reiki attunement.

Using the power from the divine, Simon will release negative energy, ghosts, demons and spirits from your life, land or possessions, showing you the way to God's light.

Clearings and healings can be done in person or long-distance, this is because all the work happens on a spiritual plane with angelic assistance and it is the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer that initiates the event. Simon is the catalyst for the healing, which means he orchestrates the connection between the physical and the spiritual.

If you are interested in a healing or a clearing, then you can book online directly with Simon. 

Read below for more information on the services Simon offers.

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Ghost Removal

Are you looking to get rid of bad spirits in your house or get rid of bad spirits attached to you? 

If you think you have a ghost in your house or attached to you, then you most likely do. There are some signs you have a ghost and you can check our list here.

The process of the ghost removal service is very simple, once you have booked an appointment with Simon he will call you as arranged to clear your house of negative spirits and perform a healing on yourself. 

Please allow an hour for this.

Equipment you will need for this healing:

- Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp

- A bible

- A crucifix or rosary

- A white candle

- Headphones from your phone, or a loud speaker

Curse Removal

Have you been looking how to get rid of a curse or bad luck? Do you wonder how to remove a curse?

Curses are very real and can be placed on you in a number of ways; either from someone else, yourself or bloodline history. Curses can come in many different forms from bloodline curses, financial curses and many more.

Curses can prevent you from moving forwards in your life and should be taken seriously. To get rid of a curse, you can book directly with Simon who will release you from any curses, protect you from future curses and put you back on your plan to mastery. 

This powerful curse removal healing can initiate wonderful transformations in your life, removing your negative-self from the old paradigm and project you forwards to peace and success.

Please allow 45-minutes for this healing.

Information you will need to give Simon:

- Mother's and Grandmother's maiden names (this is for healing information for the bloodline curse)

- A history of extended family paranormal incidences such as using a Ouija board, black magic, voodoo dolls, any information you can give.

Equipment you will need:

- A bible

- A crucifix or rosary

- A white candle

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Reiki Removal

Have you been wondering how to remove reiki attunement or wanting to undo reiki attunement?

Simon Down offers reiki curse removal through his unique healing services. Reiki energy comes from a dark source. Reiki is full of trickery and deceit and will sabotage your home, your life and your family. Reiki is a magnet for dark entities and negative energy. Simon Down is the world-leader in removing reiki attunements and reiki energy from your spiritual and physical being. He has assisted tens of thousands of people around the world to remove reiki from their lives.

Please allow 30-minutes for this reiki removal healing.

You will need:

- To remove all reiki paraphernalia from your house (crystals, books, course material, symbols etc)

- A crucifix or rosary

- A white candle

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About Simon Down

Simon Down is a world-renowned ghost remover with over 20-years experience of helping thousands of people all over the globe. Simon has the unique ability to be able to clear negative energies using the power of prayer. He is a serenity vibration healer and uses divine energies to realign your physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Having worked in the paranormal industry for a long time, Simon can remove ghosts and curses from land, people and houses.

Simon will always encourage clients to look within themselves to find the root causes of the haunting, possession or attachment, and he will remove your spiritual being from the old paradigm.

Simon has written two books, appeared on local Australian television, National Australian television, as well as nationwide UK publications and continues to assist people with their paranormal hauntings all over the world.

God's Golden Ray Attunement

This attunement is for anyone who wishes to connect to God's light for healing purposes.

This healing modality replaces other new age healing energies such as; reiki, universal energy. This is Divine energy from the God source and is not manipulated or tarnished in any way.

After this attunement you will be able to perform energy healings on yourself, others, animals and plants.