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Physic attack occurs when demonic forces target you with temptation to turn you away from God. All humans are living in a sinful body, we are all born sinners and it is our challenge to find the Spirit of God whilst we live in this human existence for this lifetime on earth. Temptation is all around us, which means demons are all around us. Satan and his legions of fallen angels are constantly targeting individuals who are not of God. It is Satan's mission to keep as many people away from God. Satan is full of trickery and deceit (our world is full of this). You are being tricked and deceived by evil.

You've been guided to here for one reason only - to find the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is God's approval of your acknowledgment of your sinful body and your faith in Jesus Christ. God will mark you once this occurs and this mark will protect you from all evil and also guarantee you a place in the New Kingdom, in a new physical body with eternal life living with Jesus as our King. This time is close. We are in Daniel the prophet 70th 7, which translates to near End of Times.

Your paranormal problems of nightmares, bad luck, spiritual attack, addiction and many more negative experiences are directly related to a satanic attack performed by demons (fallen angels) and to lower your spiritual maturity and keep you as an unbeliever.

Simon offers a spiritual healing to guide to God. Through the power of prayer Simon will assist you to find the Spirit of God. This will be God's Will.

Clearings and healings can be done in person or long-distance, this is because all the work happens on a spiritual plane with God's Will and it is the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer that initiates the event. Simon is the connection for the healing.

If you are under demonic attack, make a booking now. 

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Reiki Removal

Have you received a reiki healing or are you attuned to reiki and are you feeling the negative effects of reiki?

Reiki was created by Satan to turn people away from God. It is another trick to make people believe in an energy that is not God. Reiki is a false idol and will sabotage your life.

Reiki demons are assigned to reiki symbols this means that once reiki symbols are placed in your auric field demons can attack you constantly, as a result you might experience sudden bad luck, negative thoughts, lustful desires and extreme temptation to activities that are unlike your normal behaviour.

Simon Down has been chosen to show people how to remove reiki energy through a series of unique reversals of this energy. This energy reversal will disconnect you from the satanic realm and demonic attack.

Please allow 30-minutes for this reiki removal healing.

You will need:

- To remove all reiki paraphernalia from your house (crystals, books, course material, symbols etc)

- A crucifix or rosary

- A white candle