Your Conversation With God Experiences

Its been 24 hours since my Conversation with God. I spent 2 days with Simon, no phone, no computer, no access to the outside world.
 Day 1 was very confrontational, I've suffered nightmares and bouts of alcohol reliance in the past, I was constantly grumpy, unhappy and also I have had a lot of bad luck with women and relationships, I've made many poor decisions in my life and I have had hang ups with my parents and sister.
I was challenged to face these head on. I felt spiritual weights lift off me, literally. By lunchtime I was in a different place in my head, it was amazingly strange yet reassuring.  I spent the afternoon laughing, crying and at times scared of the places Simon took me, deep into myself where there is no place for denial. I could feel the holy spirit at work. I slept sound and unbroken for the first time in years, I cannot put into words the way I was feeling, it was like I had been spiritually scrubbed and a new coat of love had been applied.
Day 2 was incredible, Simon took me through a series of what he termed “spiritual gifts”. My mind and body were really ready to experience this. It was like the planets aligned and it all fell into place.
My conversation with God was definitely the most extraordinary feeling I have ever experienced, I don’t remember much but I kept saying afterwards “God touched my soul” “God touched my soul”
I now have this feeling of calmness and euphoria. I now look forward to the second half of my life. 

Chris G

I have not long finished my “Your conversation with God” healing and what can I say but “wow”.
I wasn’t sure where the healing would take me, but the entire experience was magnificent, so bright and full of love. I remember the journey to God completely. How beautiful it was and how at peace I felt. There was no fear and I felt safe, like I was in God’s hands as his angelic assistants guided me to Him.
I remember my conversation with God, but if I’m honest I wouldn’t know if it was my ego telling me what I wanted to hear or if it was God. There is something within me that knows my conversation with God will not be something I can speak in human form, but a conversation with my spirit that will help me during this human life. Anyway, an amazing healing. Life transformational and spiritually deeper on grounds that no human person can ever really explain.
Thank you Simon. You have the greatest gift here on earth to be able to connect us directly with God.

Susan L

Something had to change for me spiritually, I didn’t want to go to hell man.
I started meditating and researching spiritual growth. I had been searching the net for spiritual guidance, my life was at a standstill, I have been and still am heavily involved in the music scene. I did a stupid thing years ago, spiritually, by literally selling my soul for money, notoriety and a career in music.
I had been attacked physically and spiritually, nightmares, anger, resentment, addiction, self medicating and spiraling into depression. Once when high i a drug fueled haze I was confronted by true darkness, Devils and demons occupied my thoughts and visions. This scared me beyond belief.
I found this 2 day course to connect to God, to actually talk with God. I wanted assistance that my soul was not lost, I wanted  to retrieve my soul. I want my soul to go to heaven, to God.
It was intense. It actually took 4 days.
I feel clean and fresh. Some of it was so spiritually deep I cannot remember what happened. Simon is a cool cat and pushed me to get an outcome. He knows his shit!
Its been a month and yeah man Im writing songs for now, just chillin', no nightmares and no drugs.
I feel safe

My girlfriend saw the changes in me and decided enough is enough, she booked me in to do some spiritual awakening. With no expectations or idea of what I was participating in, I tried to be as open and humble as possible to what was going to happen.

With Simon's soft and comforting voice i laid down and was directed into an intense meditation that was both exciting and anxiety provoking. Once I allowed myself to let go of my ego and emotions I went into a deep calming meditation where I was swept over with energy pulsing through my body that unconsciously provoked knee and arm jerks. Once finished I had an incredible sense of calmness and clarity as I began to review what had just happened. I felt like I had a new layer of skin with a new positive mindset that had over come me. For the rest of the evening and days since I have continued to feel this way, all negative emotions and thoughts that would normally take up my head space have been removed, with more control of my emotions and behavior attained. No more urges to sit on my phone for hours, to drink on the weekends and succumb to laziness that brings down my productivity. I'm am deeply grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for change, more control and happiness in there life, this is a life changing experience if welcomed in the right head space.