I remove ghosts, demons, negative energies, negative entities and curses

House Clearings

A house clearing uses divine, spiritual intervention to clear and cleanse your house of negative paranormal energies. This can be done in person or by remote viewing.

Spiritual Healing

Using divine energies, I am able to remove attachments, possessions, cordings, hook-ins, and attachments to the old paradigm such as relationships, soul-retrieval and removal of emotional baggage.

Curse Removal

Curses come in all different forms; family curse, a financial curse, love curse or health curse to name a few. A curse can be a spoken word, spell or hex. Curses can affect bloodlines, families and individuals.


Casting is using divine energies to remove dark demonic attachments, possessions, oppressions and emotions. This is a very powerful technique to free yourself from all negativity.