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The Ghost Remover

Connecting you to God through prayer...

Are you experiencing paranormal problems?

Many people experience paranormal problems but dismiss them as normal, not paranormal. If your problems are severe, then it's time to acknowledge the demons in your life. There is only one way to turn - God!

The planet is full of demonic activity as we draw closer to End Times and the New Kingdom on earth. Are you spiritually ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

Simon Down has assisted people globally with paranormal disturbances for over 20-years. Using the name of Jesus Christ's he has successfully delivered people from demons and spiritual attack guiding them to find love for God and Jesus.


Simon has success in the removal of spiritual attachments, demons and all emotional and physical curses. Simon is world renowned for his technique's to remove all reiki attunements and reiki energy from those who have received treatment right the way through to reiki masters.

Simon's teachings and healings are unique. They are the product of 20-years of assisting people to connect with God through prayer and spiritual teaching. Simon received the Spirit of God through faith, love and the understanding of the bible.

Ghost Removal Service

Remove demons and negative paranormal energy from your life.

Ghost Removal - how to get rid of a curs
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Healing services

Are you looking for how to get bad spirits out of your house or do you believe you are cursed and have been looking for ways on how to get rid of a curse?

Simon Down offers a range of healing services from ghost removal to curse release.

Reiki is demonic

Are you looking for how to remove reiki attunement or have you been searching for help on your reiki curse removal?
Simon Down has successfully helped people the world over be free of their reiki attunements after people began to have negative experiences with reiki.

Signs you have a ghost

Do you need to get rid of bad spirits in your house? There are many signs that you have a ghost in your house. These can be frightening.
Simon Down is an experienced ghost remover and will reassure you of the help available to you.

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About Simon Down

Simon Down is a world-renowned ghost remover with over 20-years experience of helping thousands of people all over the globe. Simon has the unique ability to be able to clear negative energies using the power of prayer. He is a serenity vibration healer and uses divine energies to realign your physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Having worked in the paranormal industry for a long time, Simon can remove ghosts and curses from land, people and houses.

Simon will always encourage clients to look within themselves to find the root causes of the haunting, possession or attachment, and he will remove your spiritual being from the old paradigm.

Simon has written two books, appeared on local Australian television, National Australian television, as well as nationwide UK publications and continues to assist people with their paranormal hauntings all over the world.

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