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I was once a reiki master and I was duped by reiki for 8 years, My linage was 5 down from Usui himself,  reiki is full of trickery and deceit . Therapists put themselves at risk by exposing their spiritual side to energies they have no idea about and where these energies come from. Reiki is only 150 years old , its not ancient healing , it was created by Usui who starved himself on a mountain for 21 days, he hallucinated and was infiltrated and sabotaged by dark demonic forces. Reiki is not clean energy and has NEVER cured anyone of ANYTHING. Reiki is not divine energy from the God source , its dark, dirty and deceitful. 

 White light is also the product of the dark , If you combine all colours of the spectrum you get white light , yes we all know this BUT if you combine white light with white light you get blackness/Darkness!! This is relevant when a white light worker brings in white light creating darkness ! 
Reiki is described as universal healing, The oxford dictionary describes universal as "relating to  all things in the world" , if this is true then reiki is light but also dark , reiki symbols summon the demon that is assigned to them, Ive been duped, attacked and beaten by these demons , they are very real and are aligned to all people attuned to reiki.
As Ive previously stated I'm not aligned to any religion.  I believe in God , simples.

Answer this,Why have the Catholic church in the United States banned the use of reiki ?? With the warning to all of their health care workers, nursing staff and carers stating "reiki lacks scientific and spiritual credibility and exposes people to malevolent forces"

Jesus was not a reiki master , he was the son of God who walked the earth with an important spiritual message . 

Reiki is a dangerous healing modality that sabotages your life . 
You may ask if this is all true why is reiki here? Well its been created by the dark to divert people from their true life walk and sabotage your life , Reiki symbols act as a beacon to dark forces and they can monitor you at any time. 
I now assist people to remove symbols from crown heart and hand chakras, Ive assisted over 300 ex reiki people do this . Ive written a book regarding this subject and my reiki journey and how I got rid of the symbols and energy!! Contrary to belief, the symbols are not for life and can be removed immediately

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joe on 17 March 2015 07:50
hi, welcome back to the real world, yes reiki is evil and i can not use the language here that i would like to use to describe brother is a reiki master, he is addicted to drugs, his marriage is on the rocks, he drinks a lot but he still sticks with reiki.
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The Ghost Remover on 17 March 2015 19:32
I wish all the best for your brother , He must remove himself from the Reiki spell or his life will continue to be sabotaged and spiral out of control, please get him to watch this video clip
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joe on 17 March 2015 20:24
thank you for your advice, i will do as you say.

Brinda Jack on 07 October 2017 08:08
It is very interestinglkl to read :)
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write my assignment for me on 11 October 2017 03:42
A power that makes thing possible or try to make future brighter is the nice thing. A power given from God to help peoples from out of troubles is the best practice. People believe that a powers that disturbs us as they do not want to be happy or stay positive. Reiki is the power that gives help to resolve these types of issues.
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