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Eclipse 2015

When a Solar eclipse occurs, the energy on the planet changes dramatically, the build up starts two weeks prior and it takes another ten to fourteen days to dissipate. Dark energy is very strong at this time and demons and entities use this time and energy to move around. Paranormal activity in haunted hotspots is magnified, demonic portals open up allowing movement by those that use them.
The sun is life, it provides the nutrients and vitamins essential to plants (photosynthesis), animals and humans (Bone strength and sleep), without the sun there would be no more life.

Reiki Lies

I was once a reiki master and I was duped by reiki for 8 years, My linage was 5 down from Usui himself,  reiki is full of trickery and deceit . Therapists put themselves at risk by exposing their spiritual side to energies they have no idea about and where these energies come from. Reiki is only 150 years old , its not ancient healing , it was created by Usui who starved himself on a mountain for 21 days, he hallucinated and was infiltrated and sabotaged by dark demonic forces. Reiki is not clean energy and has NEVER cured anyone of ANYTHING.

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Eclipse 2015
Reiki Lies


Solar Eclipse Energy
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