The Ghost Remover - I remove negative, paranormal energies

Do you think you have a ghost in your house?  
Do you want to get rid of a ghost in your house?
Are you of faith?

You might have a ghost or a ghost attachment.  Please read this checklist...
  • Are you of faith?
  • Do you see things move in your peripheral vision but blame something else?
  • Do you live on haunted land?
  • Did someone die in your house?
  • Does someone in your house have an addiction problem?
  • Has there been a seance in your house?
  • Have you had a reiki healing?
  • Do you think you're cursed?
  • Do you have crystals or New Age paraphernalia in your house?
  • Are you a paranormal enthusiast?
  • Do you watch a lot of paranormal television?
  • Is there a room at home that you feel uncomfortable in?
  • Do you feel you're being watched or some one is standing behind you?
  • Do you feel cold spots in the room?
  • Disgusting smells (urine, pooh, sulfur)
  • Nightmares?
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Ghostly smells
  • Seeing a shadow person
  • Lights dim? TV volume / channels change?
  • Batteries drain?
  • Computer crash?
  • Clocks stop or randomly chime?
  • Hear your name whispered?
  • Unexplained shadows?
  • Unexplained music (daytime)?
  • Unexplained banging and noises (night)
  • Items moving across the room?
  • Constant setbacks during renovation?
  • Property wont sell?
  • Orbs in photographs

If you can say YES to any of the above, then it is possible you have a haunting and we can help you.

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